Only for Windows platforms

Only for Windows platforms

Only for Windows platforms

Only for Windows platforms


Sanmyanmar keyboard download incude the fowllowing files:

1. Sanmyanmar Keyboard(IME) installation

2. Sanpya font

3. Read me


Description: Sanmyanmar keyboard support Sanmynamar and Zawgyi Unicode output. Support shortcut typing and word prediction features. One of the advanced typing is that you translation typing, which is typing english word and output the translated myanmar meaning.


System requirment: Windows ME/XP/7/Vista/8

Note: After istallation please register the software using the Sanmyanmar Register Tool and enter the CODE: SANMYANMAR.

Sanpya.ttf font inculde both Zawgyi and Sanmyanmar Unicode. Zawgyi Unicode range is U+1000 to U+1096 and Sanmyanmar Unicode rang is U+E000 to U+F6A5. So with Sanpya font you can display both Zawgyi and Sanmyanmar font.


Sanpya font is special because it display method is different from the others Myanmar font. Sanpya combined all the possible spelling of Myanmar letter in each unicode address. It prevent from changing shape. With Sanpya font your document is smaller in file size, faster the loading time and no shape changing in letter so it precent form missing vowels.

The read me file is about the Sanmyanmar keyboard  user instruction.